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Tools for Bricscad and AutoCAD

Made in LITHUANIA Heart of the Baltics

“Kitox LG”

KitoxLG application for Bricscad and AutoCAD for survey data import from text file and point data management, triangulation, Contour lines, LongSections and Cross Sections.


Kitox LG


User interface

  • English, Russian, Lithuanian
  • Easy localization (new languages for User interface)



Flexible Licensing

  • It is not required to purchase the application
  • It is not required to pay for updates and upgrades (free updates and upgrades during Licensing Period included)
  • Single License for Bricscad and AutoCAD, all versions
  • Free 30 days Trial (only Activation required)
  • Rent vs Buy - we offer flexible Licensing system!

Payment types

  • Banking transaction for proforma invoice from our Catalogue

Special offers

  • Purchase Bricscad Pro (Windows) license or upgrade from and get KitoxLG-360 for free!


  • Promotion for a free KitoxLG-360 with Bricscad Pro (Windows) is valid for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia only
  • Add your UserId (see Setup guide) into the additional information field for ordering
  • If you ordering for several Modules, please list these Modules into the additional information field


KitoxLG 360 days

KitoxLG 360 days

KitoxLG 360 days
99,00 EUR (excl. VAT)

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