F.A.Q. about CADsoft.lt

What is CADsoft.lt?

CADsoft.lt is catalogue for CAD software and services. On product's pages you can find short descriptions, links to the developer sites, trial downloads and possibility to prepare proforma invoice for payment. CADsoft.lt is oriented to the Baltic States, but several products are available for ordering Worldwide. Back to F.A.Q.

Who develops and maintains CADsoft.lt, how I can contact you?

Project CADsoft.lt develops and maintains “In axis”, Ltd. in collaboration with “Geobaltus”, Ltd.. Description about their activities, contacts and company details you ca find at their websites and prepared proforma invoice. Back to F.A.Q.

Are you within distribution rights of products and services listed at catalogue?

Yes, we included into catalogue products and services we can distribute under agreements or treaties between us and developers or their attorneys and we are within distribution rights for provided territory. Back to F.A.Q.

Can you distribute product to my country?

If product has territorial restrictions for distribution, that is noted within product's page. By trying to order such product, it will be unlisted in proforma invoice. Back to F.A.Q.

Can I evaluate product before ordering?

Sure, most of software products has trial or demo versions - you can download and evaluate them for free. Back to F.A.Q.

How I can order for necessary products?

Add necessary products into the cart, select required quantity and prepare proforma invoice. After payment we will perform your order. Back to F.A.Q.

How and in what time span my order will be performed?

Ordered Products and Original Invoice will be delivered electronically (by email) during 2 business days after payment received, unless noted in the Product's description otherwise. If ordered product requires physical delivery, we are sending it during 2 business days after payment received, unless noted in the Product's description otherwise, however time limit of delivery depends on post services. Back to F.A.Q.

In what time I can pay for the order?

Proforma invoice is valid for 5 days or until product promotion's expiry if promotion expires prior to 5 days. For payment after proforma invoice's expiry, simply prepare new invoice. Back to F.A.Q.

What data is required for proforma invoice and where it will be used?

We are asking the only data is obligatory for original invoice under cl. 80 of the law on VAT of the Republic of Lithuania. For Legal entities that is Company name, VAT ID (if exists) and address. For Natural persons that is first name, last name and address. All data is used for internal adminidtration purposes only (record-keeping and resources (licenses) management). Back to F.A.Q.

Will CADsoft.lt retain my data?

No, entered data will be not retained and any user account will be not created. For repeated preparation of proforma invoice all the data is required to enter again. Back to F.A.Q.

What if I added wrong VAT ID?

For non EU countries VAT is excluded and VAT ID will stay unverified. In Lithuania all prices must be VAT included. For other EU countries VAT ID will be verified after proforma invoice preparation. In a case of typo we will contact by email and ask for VAT ID correction. In a case of wrong VAT ID proforma invoice is invalid and ordered products will not be delivered until VAT ID's correction or payment for all amount VAT included. If you noticed typo in VAT ID, simply ignore invalid proforma invoice and prepare new one with correct VAT ID. Back to F.A.Q.

Why is required my email address?

Your email address is required for proforma invoice, order's delivery, original invoice's delivery and licensing. Back to F.A.Q.

Will you use my email address for other purposes?

No, entered email address will be not included into any email list and will be used for order only. Back to F.A.Q.

Why are you sending an original invoice by email and is it usable for record-keeping?

Under the law on VAT of the Republic of Lithuania signature on original invoice is not required and for this reason we are sending original invoice by email. You can print it and use as record-keeping document. Back to F.A.Q.

Can you send me signed original invoice?

Yes, if your company requires for signed invoice, it is possible to order it's preparation and sending by post as additional option. Back to F.A.Q.

Can I order for necessary products by email without forming of proforma invoice?

Yes, opportunity to prepare proforma invoice is created for client's convenience, however if you like it better, you can send us product's list and your data by email. Back to F.A.Q.

Will I have additional expenses if product requires physical delivery?

No, product's delivery is free of charge. Back to F.A.Q.

Can I carry back ordered product and get back my payment?

No, you can't to reject an order for next reasons: a) under laws of the Republic of Lithuania customer can't carry back software ordered electronically; b) before ordering you can download and evaluate chosen product for free Back to F.A.Q.

I would like to be informed about news at CADsoft.lt. How I can subscribe?

You can get our news in several ways, check what is better for you at News page. Back to F.A.Q.

I have more questions, how I can get your response?

If you have more questions, contact us by email and we will try to answer as soon as possible. Back to F.A.Q.